Hout-Louis – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Download Hout-Louis Share Embed Donate. Report this link. Short Description. Download Hout-Louis Description. The son of a cathedral organist, Louis Andriessen has attracted Music, Mozart; ‘ Rosa; ’94 Zilver; ‘ Trilogie van de Laatste Dag;.

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Right from his teens, he could make wonderful music at the keyboard. It was an amazing, thundering noise. On one of these trips we had loud music on – Prokofiev or Tchaikovsky – and someone suddenly shouted ‘how hkut do we have to drive to go as fast as the music? Read more at Wikipedia.

Louis Andriessen

So, Berio was the only logical choice. Anachronie II Composer. While Greenaway’s libretto offended some with its gory abattoir setting and andreissen scenes of violence against an animatronic horse, the score was widely praised: Guildhall New Music Ensemble.

After a bruising experience with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, Andriessen turned down subsequent opportunities to compose for symphony orchestra, preferring instead to create ensembles that reflected his wider interests in jazz and rock music.

And he was the same, very pragmatic and practical. One thing my father always said was: Le voile du bonheur [The Veil of Happiness] Composer.

Profile: Louis Andriessen | Music | The Guardian

Perhaps his purest and most poignant work of this period, written between andis De Staat, which employs Plato’s Republic to make overtly Marxist points about the conception, production and consumption of music.


And most important, he knows how to weave the seed of an idea into music almost seamlessly, which gives the work its urgency. Show more Show less. Back in Amsterdam inAndriessen began writing prolifically: Find events near you.

When premiered at the Netherlands Opera inin Robert Wilson’s esoteric production, audiences were baffled and beguiled. Artists Popular All Recommended. De tijdDe snelheid and De materie all refined and expanded this basic sound-world, drawing on a rich palette of political, philosophical and religious texts.

Andriessen studied with his father and Kees van Baaren at the Hague Conservatory, and between and undertook further studies in Milan and Berlin with Luciano Berio. Instrumental 1 from M is for Man, Music, Mozart.

Though he never felt at home in Berlin, this period was important for his political development. Louis Andriessen was born in Utrecht in into a musical family: Highlights from the National Youth Orchestra Prom There was a sense that he was finding himself.

Andriessen also began to gather an offbeat clique of young avant-garde composers, including Reinbert De Leeuw, Peter Schat, Misha Mengelberg and Jan van Vlijmen, figures who would dominate Dutch music for the next few decades and with whom Andriessen would write Reconstructie.

La Commedia, Parts 4 and 5.

It has even been credited with persuading Richard Nixon to cut Holland from his European tour that year. His grandfather had been music director and organist at St Josef’s church in Haarlem.


That was very important for my education. This is the usual reaction to Andriessen’s work.

Workers Union Proms Reality and imagination are essential in 20th-century art, and the only thing I find really interesting. His musical ideas are equally stubborn and dearly held.

Because Andriexsen am being compelled by it so much. Collaborative works with other artists include a series of dance projects, the full length theatre piece De Materie created with Robert Wilson for the Netherlands Opera, and three works created with Peter Greenaway. Dat gebeurt in Vietnam Composer. Trilogy of the Last Day.

Hout – Louis Andriessen ()

It split audiences, the press, even the composers themselves. Always jumping around and playing and full of theories and humour. His mother was a pianist and andrieasen father, Hendrik Andriessen, was conductor and organist first at Utrecht Cathedral and later in The Hague.

Also among his fellow students was a pretty young guitarist named Jeanette Yanikian.