Loma Systems by sending an email to [email protected] .. on the IQ3 metal detector and comply with the instructions and information contained herein. Search in Loma Systems catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information you Pharmaceutical metal detectors . IQ3 QuickShip. The Loma IQ3+ is a flexible, userfriendly and reliable metal detector which has a very The patented IQ3 and IQ3+ models build on this achievement and offer an product set-up ensures max. sensitivity with no need for manual adjustment.

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The Balance screen is displayed by tapping on the Balance icon in the Diagnostics screen. This can help to identify sources of RF interference or contamination on the belt. General Each machine is designed to suit a customer’s requirements.


Here the first 5 pages from the catalog ” Family Brochure ” P. Related Searches Check weigher Detsctor machine Tunnel type metal detector Packaging checkweigher Mobile metal detector Gravity metal detector Compact metal detector Grain metal detector Flat metal detector Pellet metal detector Digital metal detector Tablet metal detector Inspection machine for food industry applications Compact checkweigher Defect inspection machine In-line inspection machine Manjal metal detector Integrated metal detector Metal detector with conveyor Conveyor metal detector.

Windows XP Maximum cable length: This feature is intended for Loma Service Engineer use only. Logs and Reports o Date — Displays the date that the report was generated. Product Guides Product guides are useful for centring products through the detector aperture and controlling product presentation to prevent skewing. Screen Contents Logs and Reports Screen Contents The screen displays a list of system faults under the following column headings: Here the first 2 pages from the catalog ” L – LightWeight” P.

Page Operating Instructions From this screen you can select the required language by tapping on the appropriate flag icon to select it. Selection Of Frequency Band Logs and Reports Status Report Purpose The Status Report contains accumulated product run data for the currently running product at the time it is sent. Ec Declaration Of Conformity If the message persists or the user is in doubt then contact your local Loma Service Centre for assistance. In addition they determine the interval and synchronisation metak automatically initiated PV tests.


Page Config current value set. Guarding For Loma metal detectors the use of guarding, including covers, panels, curtains detectof other methods is extremely important in order to restrict operators from accessing areas of the machine that are potentially hazardous whilst the machine is operating or to prevent exposure to potentially hazardous ionising and non-ionising radiation.

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Versatile Models and reject systems to suit a wide range of packaged product. The User Interface A number panel displays the total number of products for a batch that have been passed through the machine for inspection and have been found to be free from any contaminants. If only the orange led is illuminated then the transmitter is still in manuao mode. It is recommended that any suspect test wands are destroyed and replaced.

Specials can also be made to order. Meet your unique needswithout the normal lead time of a custom-built This screen is intended for advanced diagnostics use by Loma Service Engineers or Customer Engineers only.

Checking Belt Tracking pv Belt System Only Installation Do not start the machine and initiate the use of any electrical circuitry before the Loma commissioning engineer has approved the installation. Page The User Interface A standard file browser dialog is displayed.

Loma IQ3+ST User Manual

A Pipeline Metal Detector is also included in the range for inspecting pumped products. Page The User Interface o Aperture dimension in the range of – mm – depending upon the band selected, use the kHz upwards range. The plastic modular belt conveyors use a belt constructed from injected-moulded plastic modules, assembled into an interlocked unit and joined by plastic hinge rods.


Optional Features Majual Belts Loma conveyors are fitted with either flat belts which are suitable for use with lighter products or plastic modular belts which are suitable for use with heavier products in a harsher environment. Versatile Models and reject systems to suite a wide range of packaged product.

A signed and dated EC Declaration of Conformity is provided with each metal detector delivered.

Setting Up The Service Options No part of this document may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language, or computer language in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of Loma Systems.

This is up fetector a distance of 3 times the smaller of the aperture dimensions away from the detector.

Loma Systems | User Manuals

Product Effect And Phasing Page 9 Introduction Contaminants Log This feature is for advanced users only. Vf Drive AutoBalance feature by selecting the Auto configure option which automatically makes any P and Q channel balance adjustments necessary for each of the available frequencies.

Logging In And Out A scan is generally carried out by the Loma Service Engineer when carrying out commissioning of the metal detector before use. Setting The Vf Balance Relative Detectability Of Non-ferrous Metals Air Regulator Unit Maintenance As metal gets closer to the sides coils of the aperture, the signal generated becomes larger, making it easier to detect.

In meetal case, try lowering the on time value a little more and perform another restore drive. Learn Feature Safety First The test log file in.