Miniature Pressure Transducer With Integrated Temperature Sensor. This transducer is well suited for both dynamic and static pressure. Advanced Technology for Advanced Performance. A brilliantly progressive.

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The sensors can be individual dies which basically are fabricated during the same process on the silicon wafer. In one example implementation, the adjustment network can include one kukite more components configured to couple with internal circuitry of the transducer to alter a response of the transducer.

All non conductive, noncorrosive liquids or gases. Message 10 of One pressure transducer would be upstream of the filter and one pressure transducer would be downstream of the filter. Thus it will be apparent to one skilled in the art that there are many pressurd embodiments which may be envisioned, and all of which are deemed to be encompassed within the spirit and scope of the claims appended hereto.

Multifunction DAQ

The die would be placed within the header on top of the areas 57 and 58 where contacts from the die will be directed through the suitable apertures such as 60 and An exemplary embodiment of the present invention provides systems and methods of compensating sensor drift. In general, the prior art is replete with a number of patents which describe configurations and methods of fabricating a piezoresistive device. Hermetically sealed absolute and differential pressure transducer. The sensor assembly can include a sensing optical fiber in communication with the sensing optical interferometer and a pressurre optical fiber in communication with transducerr reference optical interferometer.

Number of Employees 11 to 25 People. The tube 31 shown in FIG.

As indicated, there is an aperture 45 formed in the pressure header housing There is herein disclosed a hermetically sealed dielectrically isolated semiconductor sensor fabricated from a single piece of silicon capable of simultaneously measuring absolute and differential pressures. However, while the output from the Kemo filters is better on a percentage basis, the appearance of 60 Hz and harmonics is more pronounced with the Kemos in place.


Click for automatic bibliography generation. The method tranxducer detecting a measurement signal and a first common-mode signal responsive to receiving altered interrogation light from the first EFPI sensor, the measurement signal corresponding to the measurement stimulus.

The header 55 accommodates the pins as well as the reference tube and serves to insulate the semiconductor dies from the environment.

Patents Assigned to Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc. – Justia Patents Search

In one configuration, kulitte sensors are packaged into a pressure capsule designated transducerr a header such as to allow mechanical and electrical packaging of sensors transdjcer various environments.

Trqnsducer engines can of course be automotive engines, or aircraft engines as well as engines utilized in missiles or in other devices. The air speed is proportional to the difference between a total and static pressure. Next Patent Combined fluid press The method includes producing a measurement output signal, the measurement output signal representing an intensity of the measurement signal.

Pressure is determined in terms of an absolute pressure, so that the absolute pressure can be monitored to determine overall engine performance and also to determine when the filters need to be replaced. The weld gap region is configured to have a predetermined gap distance such that the weld seals the transducer without stress in the weld.

Cap member 28 has an output aperture designated by reference numeral 91 through which wires or leads may be directed to an external source for operation of the device. Referring now to FIGS.

Before proceeding with further explanation, reference is made to the above noted U. The area 57 will accommodate a pressure die which die will operate as a differential die. It is intended that the patent shall cover by suitable expression in the appended claim, whatever features of patentable novelty exist in the invention disclosed.

Differential pressure transducer with inspectable welds. The area 58 of the absolute pressure die which receives pressure P R is depicted. An apparatus for providing seal to a pressure tube for providing an input to a pressure port for a transducer, said apparatus comprising: The apparatus of claim 19, wherein said connection layer further includes a plurality of pins extending around a periphery of said conductive layer for electrically coupling said conductive layer of said electrical contacts of said flatpack.


What is claimed is: Pressure sensor having semiconductor sensor chip. Next Patent High pressure piezor It is desirable to monitor engine pressures in order to determine proper operation of an engine during extreme conditions.

There exist methods and devices which enable such measurements to be made, for instance, commonly assigned, copending U. The apparatus for providing seal to a pressure tube of claim 1, wherein the lock nut is threaded.

The device includes an electronic switching fransducer in communication with the sensor, the current limiting circuit, and the output switching circuit. Systems and methods for optical measurements using multiple beam interferometric sensors.

The transducer of claim 1, wherein said first circuit includes a first plurality of piezoresistors. When exposed to pressure, the micromachined silicon diaphragm deflects deforming the silicon strain gauges which have a very high rate of change in resistance when applied to stress.

Area 57 further has an opening 62 which is a differential pressure input. The apparatus of claim 18, further comprising a connection layer interposed between said wafer and said flatpack, said connection layer including a conductive layer sandwiched between two other khlite, wherein at least one of said other layers includes a plurality of apertures adapted to enable said conductive layer to be electrically coupled to said first and second circuits.

Each bridge has its own active area defined by an associated deflectable diaphragm.

The crush nut 34 forms a tight seal from the differential port without the need for welding, soldering and so on. Systems and methods are disclosed for a pressure sensor device. Moreover, most prior art semiconductor sensors employ p-n junctions to insure isolation of the piezoresistive network from the bulk semiconductor, which is not suitable for use in high temperatures.

The crush ring 34 also has an aperture which accommodates the tube