Peeling the Onion has ratings and reviews. In this extraordinary memoir, Nobel Prize-winning author Gunter Grass remembers his early life, from his. Günter Grass’s memoir was published last summer in Germany to a chorus of controversy over the author’s service in the Waffen SS. But now. Peeling the Onion – Günter Grass – Books – Review JULY 8, When pestered with questions, memory is like an onion that wishes to be.

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Confessions of a super Grass

And that too makes one think this is not a voluntary exercise. Ho onkon preferito questo “Sbucciando la cipolla” a “Il Tamburo di Latta” e non vedo l’ora di leggere “Anni di Cani” di cui tanto si parla in questa raccolta di memoir.

In his new ‘desultory, ambulatory freedom’, each job he takes is a metaphor for the erasing of memory. Grass does not mention the Holocaust often, but when he does, the book strikes a nerve.

I was moved by his memoir. Coming clean now, his adversaries charged, was peleing more than calculation – controlling the damage before others exposed the truth. Living with little means most of the time.

Review: Peeling the Onion by Gunter Grass | Books | The Guardian

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Dark times place everything in crisis.

Divorced inhe remarried in This book is nothing more than truly remarkable and fascinating. His one heroic deed is to piss in the coffee of his sadistic SS instructors, but this memory may be ‘merely wishful thinking’.


But this is in itself a threat: They are two pages of failed writing that should be put in a textbook, and quarried for their multiple peleing of bad faith. Off to read Crabwalk next, which I’ve never read, and I feel like re-reading The Tin Drum – and discovering the rest of his work.

Hiding in a dark wood, he sings in terror a catch from a nursery rhyme; it is answered by the fairytale figure of a veteran lance-corporal, whose name Grass never knows. Peeling the Onion – Canada. Pelures d’oignon – France. He sees it in terms of being able to buy LP records and calf’s liver. oniion

Gunter Grass died last night, and I am in mourning. I read this book aboard an El Al flight to Israel, grxss those of us who knew and loved my mother were gathering at the cemetery in Beit Shemesh to dedicate the headstone in her memory.

There was also much criticism of Grass, and calls for him to return the Nobel Prize, etc. Nov 07, Scott rated it did not like it. Throughout the book, Grass is peeling his onion, which is a sort of metaphor for the exploration of memory. Hold the amber to the light and the preserved insect eventually becomes visible. Lo sguardo su una Germania post-bellica, e povera, resta l’unica occasione curiosa di questo testo; per conoscere.

Onikn is callous, hardbitten military jargon “a pocket like Demyansk forced open” followed by a dismaying, and dismayingly rare, statement of fact: Sbucciando la cipolla – Italia.


Peeling the Onion by Günter Grass

Peeling the Onion is also the rare foreign title that got significant English-language review coverage before it came out in translation. The poem has an epigraph: It is the most obvious, yet the best sustained; memory becomes newsreel, a narrative first imagined by the excited schoolboy in the cinema and then acted out in a series of dramatic sequences, the context unclear: Return to Book Page.

View all 4 comments. Yes, he was in pewling SS as a seventeen-year-old private. We do stupid things.

Peeling the Onion

After the war, Grass resolved to become an artist and moved with his first wife to Paris, where he began to write the novel that would make him famous. It tends to hold forth, to dress up, often needlessly. It demands far more thoughtful attention as a book than the barrage of attacks on Grass the man have allowed.

This is a meditation on memory, cajoling in its honesty and yet openly deceptive. As if gunetr weren’t enough to make this a “do not read” he belabors the onion metaphor terribly.