Find great deals for Endress Hauser Prosonic FMU Ultrasonic Transmitter Measuring System. Shop with confidence on eBay!. matrix fmu – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. FMU Ultrasonic Measurement Operating Instructions. FMU FMU FMU Endress + Hauser The Power of Know How.

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Press H to select the horizontal position Press simultaneously to select the measured value field, V0H0Parameter entry Select the digit to be cmu. The setting applies to all counters. The decimal point moves 1 space to the right. Application parameter 0LiquidsApplication parameter 0, see Fig. When the external limit switch responds, the relays react in accordancewith the analogue output setting Min.

The linearizationtable is still in the memory, but no longer active. The electricallyisolated parts are separated bylines shown in half-tone. The LED of a relay for fault indication is lit when operatingcorrectly. Loosen the metallic braiding, twist it together securely and connect it to terminal 80 Channel 1 or terminal 90 Channel 2 Fig. It is entered as a percentage, referred to the maximum rate of flow Qmax ofthe flow as given in the Tables in Appendix A or the largest value for flow rate of thelinearization curve.

This shielding serves as a return cable and corresponds to the black wire of the unshortened cable. The sensors are then scanned in sequence. Modules for the cyclic data telegram For the cyclic data telegram the Prosonic provides the following modules: The length unit is changed inmatrix field V8H3.


Mounting theall-weather protective cover on the IP 66 protective housing is also illustrated. Directly in the FMU connection area;the terminals are for cable diameters up to 2. The exact level is, for example, measured with a dip stick andthen entered in V2H1. If only three relays are installed, the relay outputs 1, fku and 5 are occupied. The counter can not be 86. This is a function of the type of sensorused. Close operating plate and tighten screws. Spreading the measuring range: If, later, the manual mode is re-selected, thecharacteristic is activated and the Prosonic FMU exhibits the same measuring propertiesas before.

This change only affectsHmax. Levels coming within the blocking distance can cause theinstrument to malfunction.

Endress+Hauser Prosonic FMU 860 Manuals

When operating with the HART protocol,a menu is used which is based on thematrix see also the operating instructions of thehandheld terminal, BA F.

680 Internal counter low The last four digits of the eight digit softwarecounter are displayed. The calibration parameters are entered in the appropriate fields. Modes 7 and 8, simulation of channels 1 and 2, are described in chapter 9. A widespread example of such vessels isa tank with conical outlet. Liquiphant or Soliphant 24 V, max. Electrical connection ffmu theoperating unit for mountingin the rack.

The parameters are set usingsubmenus. Press the plug of the connecting cable into the jack of the transmitter electronics andscrew the plug in tightly using a small flat bladed fnu.

Liquiphant breaker or maker passive FDUMax. For each heatedsensor, mA, 8 W. The Prosonic FMU transmitter must be installed outside the explosion hazardousarea. Thetwo-channel version is for differential measurement or collecting data from individualmeasuring points.


Note the settings When entering the parameters the values entered can be noted in the table on page IP 66 protective housing. Installation Prosonic FMU You can enter amaximum of 32 pairs of values.

If a different linearizations mode is selected, the characteristic entered manually orsemiautomatic remains stored in the Prosonic FMU, without being used. Separate Operating UnitThe separate operating unit is connected to the transmitter electronics by the connectingcable supplied which has nine-pole plugs at both ends for nine-pole D-subconnections. The LED of the relay for fault indication lights during normal operation.

Explosion hazardous areaSymbol used in drawings to indicate explosion hazardous areas. The relay is in the de-energized state dropped out when the normally closedcontact is closed. Cmu pulse is reflectedback from the surface of the product.

Endress Hauser Prosonic FMU Ultrasonic Transmitter Measuring System | eBay

The new address becomes valid at a restart of the Prosonic power on. It is divided into the followingsections: After entering the point number the asigned point of values, 8600 and flow, can bedisplayed The more pairs of values you enter, the more exact the fm will be. A green LED also indicates that operation is free from faultsand flashes on warning.

A yellow LED is allocated to each relay, which indicates its status: Application parameter 4Bulk solids, rapidchangesApplication parameter 4, see Fig.