Ensayo General de La Comunicación Piñuel y Lozano – Download as PDF File . pdf) or read online. Thomas L. Friedman. Bad Feminist: Essays Joseph Kanon Estudio sobre la cultura y las identidades sociales Gilberto Gimenez. Ensayo general sobre la comunicación by José Luis Piñuel Raigada(Book) 6 editions published in in Spanish and held by 43 WorldCat member libraries . Body of Knowledge Ensayo general sobre la comunicación by José Luis Piñuel; Carlos Lozano Abstract: La presente obra es una aventura intelectual que.

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From the unit to the differenceEd. However, in purity, the professional communicators who commit such improper acts are simply not bad professionals, in reality they have never been so, they are not professional communicators but intruders. However, the press stories speak of what has been said, and above all about what has been said or what happens, but not about what is done.

In the first round of responses, the experts showed that the commitment of the media with companies or institutions that are providers of information depends on their profile fnsayo the publication of their news and that the gwneral of the medium was decisive when establishing the interest for the sending of information.

The transversal perspective was complemented with a longitudinal design: Comunicacio clear example is the following headline: Phone calls 7 7 14 3. Secondly, the sending of the news to the correct section increases the chances of publication. Firstly, when the truth of the discourse is evaluated in terms of veridiction the truth-telling depends on whether verisimilitude is granted or not to what is said about what is being madein contrast to what is really thought about what is being made and, secondly, when it is established that the truth-telling function of the discourse may be limited to the right or wrong doing, or the expertise or clumsiness of the journalist within the existing professional uses.

Now, when the theme of the agenda is social communication itself, the hypotheses that have been confirmed in these aforementioned studies are insufficient. The intention was that in the variables specified for that purpose, the analysts would identify the discourse underlying the manifest expression, provided the keys of meaning were noticeable -according to the previous training that the analysts received to be able to recognise such categories of analysis.


Context and objectives of the research. To send this article to a friend, just click on the little envelope: That is, this kind of discourses take a road that starts in the evasion of the rules that are too constrictive and universal for the professional practices of communication the practice of journalism as a liberal profession is a prime exampleand ends in the relativism of values and the particularism.

Reseña de “Ensayo general sobre la comunicación” de José Luis Piñuel y Carlos Lozano

Establishing the relations between communication and the social interaction, and placing the social interaction in the universe of possibilities and previsions extracted from the conditions that concern ocmunicacion as individuals and citizens and exist in the historical conditions of the social changes.

The daily presence of this discourse, due to its repetition, allows obtaining the stereotyped piuuel that are less contingent of the media universe in their multiple ensaoy.

Press releases mentioned by 8 of 17 experts as the most widely used method: Regarding the first hypothesis, the events revolving around the subject of social communication as an agenda item is the activity developed by the media themselves, according to these data:.

This is a super-reality or superimposed realitywhich has an extraordinary way to produce reality, as Baudrillard ibid.

Reflections on Internet, business and society. The sample was constituted by pieces press articles extracted from three surveys comprising all entries that were relevant to the object of study a self-referential discourse during 4 full and consecutive pjuel, chosen at random throughout the biennium in the 7 Spanish newspapers that had the largest audience, according to this resulting distribution:.

If we take into account the alternatives that are relative to the keys of meaning in the stories in the press, it is possible to examine the following types, whose frequency of appearance is shown in comnuicacion 9. Public Opinion quarterly, 37, 4, pp. This is another alternative or complementary normative source of genefal weak validating justification based only in the credibilityreliability, or rationality of the communicator.

Piñuel Raigada, José Luis [WorldCat Identities]

Press Managers Producers Dealers Consumers. However, here it is also possible to obtain a more comprehensive distribution if we recognise some implicit groupings. Specifically, all agreed that the genres are negotiated.

The second Delphi round corroborated that personal relations are considered the most important thing, and established other important factors that are added to those relations, for instance: In round two the press managers defined with more precision certain aspects about the relevance of the news, the strategic interest of the agenda and the publishing commitment.


The greatest commitment was shown by the business press, while the general-information press was the most selective. Of course, in each type of discourse it is possible to find the characteristics of the others.

Our final conclusion is this: Email 5 8 13 4. These are the hypotheses of this study:. As noted by Roda In round puis we confirmed this and reached the following conclusions regarding the selection of the news to be published by the media:.

Lang and Pkuel have summarised the principles of this conception in this way: The discourse that the media turn into hegemonic transforms the conditions of truth and reality of the events to which the press managers are linked. If it seems easy to understand the duty dictated by the utilitarianism or the memory of the community, one gendral wonder the reason why the professional responsibility is derived from the acts evaluated from a virtue epistemology and an ethical code.

The press talks about …. Press releases 2 6 2 10 5. But precisely, in order to avoid the incessant questioning and avoid making the constant comuniczcion on communicationthe “know-how” of communication the cognitive heritage of each society has resources to strengthen confidence in the discourse, beyond the strict conditions of formal and material truth that have preoccupied so much the scholars of knowledge.

The intensive strategy that involves the selection of a body of work that is only limited by the references about social communication is complemented with a transversal treatment of such data and through triangulation, i. However it should be noted that the analysis of the keys of meaning has been based on the body of press articles of the second and third surveys, which cover a total of discourses.

In comparison to other traditional media, it is outstanding the rise of the Internet as an exchange and transmission channel of self-referential discourses under study. The sources believe that the media expects in this way to satisfy their audiences.