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DA Pam 385-10

A plaque is the award. Workplace safety programs should be modified to fit local operations as determined by commanders and SOHstaff to provide maximum safety and reduction of the risk of accidental loss.

Ifthis official finds that corrective action is inadequate, appropriate measures will be taken to prevent employee exposureto the hazard. Criteria that may be used to support thenomination include, but are not limited to— a Safety Policy.

When a chapter of AR —10 is not included in thispamphlet, that chapter has a unique pamphlet that was written to specifically address that topic.

This will be accomplished by ensuring that there are actionplans or work plans for each goal and area of the plan.

This reply will encourage informal contact with installation safety and 35-24 officials if additionalexplanations are desired. The materiel developer will— 1 Design, develop, produce, and field a system that is safe to operate and maintain. Subsequent awards will be in increments of hours.

Lam to the variety of functions that each safety professional may be required to perform, it isessential that they be 3852-4 in all aspects of safety, including changes in public law, DOD or Armyregulation, and scientific findings in hazards and safe operations.

This chapter provides implementing guidance in support of AR—10, chapter 8. Army headquarters and organization level awards a. Public Affairs personnelare required to be present to work with the media to ensure that accurate information is provided to the public and thatEOD and other critical personnel are not distracted from their tasks by having to respond to questions from the media.


Accident records should be used in the analysis of sports activity to identify trends and determine where actionis 835-24 to pak a problematic situation. The standards that have been established aregeneric to apply to different types of work environments, such as offices, manufacturing, construction, range opera-tions, and so on. This program of study is augmented with selectwork assignments designed to provide the novice safety professional with experience that will produce an individualwell trained in safety.

Construction contracts include, but are not limited to new construction, remodeling, repair, landscaping,assembly of pre-fab structures, and so on. They specialize in recognition and ABET as a professional xa curriculum; or 2 control of hazards and they work closely with other en- include differential and integral calculus and courses gineering and non-engineering disciplines more advanced than first-year physics and chemistry in five of the following seven areas of dq science or physics: Violations that are the responsibility of another ACOM or installation, DOD, or outside agency will be brought tothe attention of the responsible official for action.

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Activities involving frequent contact with other 3385-24 or equipment significantlycontribute to accidents. More than one energy source electrical,mechanical, or others may be involved. Develop test plans, obtaindata from testing, and review test data to identify any new hazards.

If required, the Remarks block will be used to expand on corrective actions status.

The timeframe for the award is based on fiscal year. Reserve, unless otherwise stated.


The time frame for the award is one fiscal year. The description of how to dispose, remove or, when required,remediate the hazardous waste will include such factors as— 1 Estimated cost. An individual or organization must have demonstrated exemplary leadership or made asignificant contribution to Army readiness through CRM.

The first step in developing and implementing a vigorous safety program is to identify strategic 385-244 and theplans pxm to achieve those goals, as required in AR —10, chapter 2. Procedures for promptly notifying emergency 385-2 and environmentalagencies should an accidental detonation occur will be clearly stated in the SOP.

Through strategic planning each organization,from Headquarters Department of the Army HQDA to ACOMs to the lowest level can determine what its goals forsafety should be, and how best to achieve these goals. It does not apply to accidents or incidents that involve the transportation pqm weapons, toxic chemical agents, or radiological material.

Installation Hazard Abatement Plan, page 75J. Safety professionals that specialize in specific areas,such as radiation must be the expert in their area. Hazardous Communication HAZCOM Program is established to ensure that hazardous information on allhazardous chemicals in the workplace is transmitted to affected employers and exposed employees.

The Ohio National Guard Website

By quantifying the risk, emergency planning can be based on realistic threats and dw made proportional tothe risk. If the appeal is rejected, the reply will advise the originator oftheir right to further appeal according to 29 CFR to the DOD-designated occupational safety and health official. Procedures will fulfill the following criteria: