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Contrary to the slight sex and location caementwrius observed in the chemical composition of abdominal muscle, the variations in the faementarius composition of the gonads and the hepatopancreas showed a remarkable relation with sex, stage of maturation and capture location Table 1. Classification Kingdom Animalia animals Animalia: Crustacea during the reproductive cycle.

Variation in lipid composition of Chinese mitten-handed crab, Eriocheir sinensis during ovarian maturation. Allosteric cooperativity during intestinal cotransport of sodium and chloride in freshwater prawns. Moisture, ash, crude protein and total lipid contents of gonad, hepatopancreas, abdominal muscle, and whole animals were determined by triplicate according to the AOAC Twelve aquariums 55 L were used cyrphiops six individual culture containers cm 2 installed in two groups of three levels were introduced into each one.

The biological filters were activated with Nutrafin Cycle.

Response of Penaeus indicus females at two different stages of ovarian development to a lethal infection with Vibrio penaeicida. Chemical composition, cholesterol, fatty acid and amino acid in two populations of brown crab Cancer pagurus: Digestive enzyme response to supplemental ingredients in practical diets for juvenile freshwater crayfish Cherax quadricarinatus. However, according to the results and as C. In relation to the differences in the chemical composition between whole males and females, in general terms males had higher ash levels than females but lower protein and lipid levels Table 1.


The highest values of protein in tissue were found in abdominal muscle for the six categories ranging from On the mechanism of sodium-proton exchange in crayfish. Food and Agriculture Organization. Mundi-Prensa, Madrid, pp. Requirements for the culture of the Pacific white shrimp Litopenaeus vannameireared in low salinity waters: Tissue biochemical composition in relation to multiple spawning in wild and pond-reared Penaeus vannamei broodstock.

Also, the number of sampled animals was kept to the minimum necessary to obtain scientific results, balancing the gain in knowledge with the long-term conservation and well-being of the species.

Cryphiops caementarius – Wikipedia

FAO, Roma, pp. Nutritional quality of the edible tissues of European lobster Homarus gammarus and American lobster Homarus americanus. The shrimps were acclimated for a week in the same transport system and were fed with the control diet. This is because the chlorine intervenes in the gastric digestion and sodium in the carbohydrate absorption Guillaume et al. Digestive enzymes in the crayfish Cherax albidus: Association of Official Analytical Chemists, Arlington, pp.

Help us improve the site by taking our survey. Concerning sexes, muscle of C.

PenaeideaParapenaeus longirostris Crustacea: These differences in the proportions of nutrients between sexes could be associated with reproductive aspects. Toledo 23. Immediately after, some prawns were conserved intact for the chemical analysis in whole animals and the others were dissected to remove the gonads, the hepatopancreas, and the cry;hiops muscle.

Cryphiops caementarius

In the case of total lipids in muscle, females had generally more contents than males, especially in animals from Choapa River. Growth and survival of males of Cryphiops caementarius Palaemonidae with diets supplemented with common salt. Variations in lipid classes and fatty acid content in tissues of wild Macrobrachium rosenbergii de Caeementarius females during maturation.


The cultivation system Reyes, consisted of circular containers 19 cm in diameter csementarius cm 2 total areaeach one with openings on the sides to allow water flow; in addition, a 0. Effect of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast in the diet of male shrimp Cryphiops caementarius Crustacea, Palaemonidae on total and differential hemocytes count. The survival was determined by direct observation. Given its importance, this study determines and compares the chemical composition moisture, ash, crude protein, total lipids and nitrogen free extract of whole animals and main storage tissues gonad, hepatopancreas and muscleof C.

Retrieved 9 November Effects of starvation and subsequent refeeding on the size and nutrient content of the hepatopancreas of Cherax destructor Decapoda: On the other hand, the fact that the lipid levels found in the hepatopancreas of mature females from Choapa River were higher than the levels found in immature females, suggest mobilization of lipids to the ovary from exogenous sources instead of hepatopancreas. Whenever necessary, data were transformed to satisfy normal distribution and homoscedasticity requirements.

Regarding whole animals, females had higher values of crude protein and total lipids than males, but low ash content independently of the stage of maturation and capture location. Growth performance, muscle composition and digestive enzyme activity of Macrobrachium rosenbergii de Man feed salt incorporated diets.

The influence exerted by food e. In addition, for all analyzed tissues, especially the gonads, high moisture levels were accompanied by high ash levels Table 1.