Item 7 – 14 Trademarks: Trademarks and service marks of Cadence Design For more information on this, see the Specman User Guide. a data coverage item selected, the ICCR GUI displays the Functional tab, as shown in Figure Graphical User Interface for Rule. Customization . Incisive Tools. ICCR. SpecView. Unified coverage visualization. Higher performance for. Trademarks: Trademarks and service marks of Cadence Design Systems, Inc. ( Cadence) contained in this document are attributed to Cadence.

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This mode is useful for vsifs that are arranged in logical groups, where you want to quickly see each type of test run once.

Icc user guide –

Click Refresh under the Session folder. Possible methods that can be used are: Note the use of:: Repeat Step 2 through Step 6 for each match expression you want to group by. In addition, a warning is displayed with the line and position of the expression during elaboration, and the number of terms in the expression. When the simulation is finished, run the following commands to generate code coverage result in ncsim and view the result in iccr GUI.

To differentiate between covergroup types from different specialization of module, specialized module name is added as prefix to covergroup type name. Translated by Mouseover text to see original.

Therefore, the hit caddence in the 0 0 expression term of the truth table. The gguide you specify in the Configuration dialog box applies to all of the loaded sessions. Figure shows a sample vPlan window opened from Incisive Simulator. The report includes sections, such as Sessions, Tests Hierarchy, Metrics, and vPlan based on options specified at the time of generating the report. You can hide the excluded items by clearing the Show excluded items check box.

Generating HDL Code Coverage Using Simulink and Cadence Incisive – MATLAB & Simulink

This is to match the behavioral block, which updates its internal states right after the simulation starts. In case you try to make multiple selections in the Sessions pane with inaccessible sessions and other sessions and try to launch separate runs or metrics analysis pages, then the inaccessible session is ignored and separate analysis pages are launched for other selected sessions.


It will appear at the top of the chart as the chart heading. If the guard expression evaluates to false, the coverpoint is ignored and is not sampled.

However, if pre never occurs, the assertion will never fail. These options are also available in the Regression menu and also when you right-click a session. The following report is generated from the above code after enabling branch and statement coverage. Figure on page 20 shows the Message Popups dialog box that is displayed when you select the Organize Message Popups option from the View menu.

The Runs icr opens, displaying the runs with failures related to the selected check. The following sections describe in detail how to enable this capability: FALSE is the default. If you select this option while exporting, then at the time of import, you will be prompted for the location where the session directory must be uncompressed.

The Suspend option shows enabled only if you select an incomplete session launched with the new runner. Adding – coverage overrides this and instruments everything, and the coverage configuration file instead has to remove instrumentation. You can sort table data by clicking on the table headers. Launching a Session Reseeding and dynamic load testing 3. The example cadenfe this model with all testcases to produce the code coverage result.

By default, this option is turned off.

Blocks that are immediate children of a control statement if or case are marked as IGN if the controlling expression determines that this block cannot execute. To define the number of automatically created bins for coverpoint a as 3, use: For the above code, bins b1[1], b1[3], and b1[4] are covered and rest are uncovered.

If rerun is required, you can now select any sets of runs to rerun. When you select this option, only the incomplete runs are shown in the Analysis center. The default value is 1.


Incisive Coverage User Guide

Select Configuration from the View menu. You can change the location and name, as required. This is a typical flow for users who run their regressions using external regression runner. By default, in each toolbar, just below the icon button, text is also written. You are prompted to confirm that you want to guire all selected runs.

For this calculation, vManager will merge the coverage data and load the vplan, if needed.

It is specified in string format and can include wildcard characters. When using Cadence tools, Enterprise Manager automatically detect the required set of filter files. Figure on page shows the generated chart. In the Attributes Values Set by User section of the dialog box, specify the attribute and value that will override the value of the specified attribute in the collected runs at the time of creating the new session.

In case you specify a value outside the range of valid values, tool by default, cdence the default value which in this case is 2 to it. In the Edit each dialog box, specify the path of already merged coverage data userr the User Lccr Coverage Dir field. When used in simulation, it checks that only valid stimuli is tested.

Select a Web Site

The truth table for expression with operands of different lengths on Line 19 is as follows. If the specified directory does not exist, ncsim creates it, and if ncsim is unable to create it, an error is reported and coverage model is not saved. Using guie Desktop Manager license you can identify failures that gudie associated with a particular check, but it is difficult to identify failures that occur within a particular verification scope or verification plan section.