Bonderizing is a chemical process to help prevent the corrosion of iron, steel, and other metals. You can also add a definition of Bonderizing yourself The process of treating a metal surface with a zinc phosphate coating in preparation for painting or. Bonderizing Process. Lubricating film for cold forging of aluminum-based metal. Our automatic processing line for aluminum-based metal has been in operation.

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Finishes on steel sash must successfully resist both outdoor exposure and humidity. The matter of rust prevention by phosphate coatings produced by the Parker Processes has been made the subject of scientific bulletins, technical addresses and classroom instruction.

After giving the product its standard finish, it is then subjected to various scientific accelerated tests, beside any other type of finish with which compari- bondeeizing is to be made.

It is especially adapted to treating forgings, cast- ings, stampings, screw machine and wire products, on which paint finishes arc not neces- sary or desirable. The process was first used on a large scale in the manufacture of bondsrizing for the United States military during World War II. Request Info Compare Suppliers. Retrieved April 12, Additional products on which Bonderizing is pro- viding protection from rust are: This entire process creates what is procses a Bonderized surface.

All Parker chemicals are packed in strong, non- returnable barrels. Parkerizingbonderizingphosphatingor phosphatizing is a method of protecting a steel surface from corrosion and procews its resistance to wear through the application of a chemical phosphate conversion coating. No matter where you are located you are only a few hours distant from adequate Parker service.

Bonderized Steel – Paint Grip Galvanized Steel Supplier | Curtis Steel Company

The gasoline pump cabinet is benefitted by Bonderizing for two reasons: Due to the short processing time, equipment re- quirements are minimized, less floor space is needed, and, by recirculating the solution, it is possible to process a bondrizing amount of work with a smaller volume of working solution. All units of the installation, including cleaning, processing and rinsing are usually placed in line so that one overhead track and hoist will serve for all the tanks.

Manganese and iron phosphating coatings are usually the thickest electrochemical pocess coatings, being thicker than electrochemical conversion coatings such as zinc phosphating and bluing. A stream of small bubbles is emitted from the metal part as the process takes place; when the bubbling stops, the process is complete.


New York – Metro. As tests ma] cover a 25 to day period, the accumulation of pieces under observation may be considerable. M an ufact urers of architectural products will find this a strong selling point. Patent 2,just prior to the loss of easy access to manganese compounds that occurred during World War II.

And, in proof of this, if a Bonderized panel is placed in the same agar medium referred to above, we get practically no test for ferrous iron and none for alkali. Ve as to require engineering service, hoth in locating the equipment and the development of economical time- saving methods.

Detroit Steel Products Co. The result obtained by Bonderizing is a chemical conversion of the metallic surface to a non-metallic Bondsrizing of a piece of plain, polished sheet steel. In addition, there are many accessory manufac- turers who adopt Bonderizing, not to meet manu- facturer’s specifications, but as a bonderiaing quality fea- ture of a well-manufactured product.

Alternatively, the Parkerized surface may be painted over with an epoxy or molybdenum finish for added wear resistance and self- lubricating properties. It pfocess insur- ance to the customer that he will gel the greatest possible service from his rust-proofing investment. United States, but are available through a world-wide important industrial country where iron and steel are to provide equipment for rust-proofing installations, lutions or furnish a jobbing rust-proofing service for ment of his own.

British Australian Lead Mfg. Of all the products to which Bonderizing is ap- plied, none of them demonstrate its rugged char- acter quite so forcefully as its use on the automobile.

Parkerizing – Wikipedia

More than that, should the paint film be scratched or dented so that bare metal is exposed, the Bon- derite coating retards the spread of rust and the development of alkali through electro-chemical ac- tivity around the injury. Patent 1, in Each installa- tion is engineered to fit the special production requirements of the user. Of the several accelerated tests used boonderizing checking finishes on metal, the salt spray takes a prominent part and large capacity is prov ided for this purpose.


Quite frequently installations bonderizinng of such s.

The terms ParkerizingParkerizeand Parkerized are all technically registered U. Views Read Edit View history.


There is no obliga- tion. This laboratory’ is also fitted with a paint sprav booth, as well as an electricalK heated, thermostaticall con- trolled, high temperature baking oxen tor drying paini finishes over Parker COatingS, preparat.

Negotiations will move faster, and a more con- bonderiznig opinion can be furnished if samples of your unfinished production can be sent to us for demon- stration purposes. These nonderizing foreign companies are prepared chemicals for the development of the rust-proofing so the manufacturer who may not want to install equip All of them are prepared to furnish a technical ad the Parker Processes: Both panels were given typical refrigerator finish.

Others make a considerable point of it in their publi- cation advertising. It is ever opening market possibilities for some- products, such as in the case of zinc die castings — by permitting highly durable paint-type finish — so that they can now be assembled into a complete product, where such finish of the die cast parts is necessary from an appearance standpoint. These accelerated tests reveal in days bobderizing it might take years of actual weathering to find out.

An improved patent application for manganese phosphating based in large part on this early British iron phosphating process was filed in the US inand issued in to Frank Rupert Granville Richards as U. This department has had experience in the layout and operation procfss scores of rust-proofing p, antsboth large and small.

This new, more environmentally friendly coating is referred to as a vanadate conversion coating. To offset the effects of constant weather exposure and to resist the action of the various fumes to which the finish is subjected. Its purpose is to provide a rust inhibiting paint base that can be produced quickly and easily, and at the same time assure more positive adhesion and durability of applied finishes on iron, steel or zinc surfaces.