Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. It’s not easy to find a fresh angle for the werewolf Book 1 of 13 in Women of the Otherworld (13 Book Series). Bitten (An Otherworld Novel Book 1) and millions of other books are available . a wolf may be more comfortable for a strong, smart woman than being human. read Bitten (Women of the Otherworld #1) online free for Chapter 24 by Kelley Armstrong,read vampire books free online.

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Her confidence about this just makes her seem incredibly cocky and short-sighted. Regardless of when you manage to pick them up at the used bookstore, forbear until you can begin at the beginning, otherwise you’re just plain missing out.

Articles lacking reliable references from April All articles lacking reliable references.

I feel it is harder to write in first-person like she does; but, as I have said before, she does it flawlessly. Not by choice though, she was bitten. The writing quality is very high, the character development is wonderful, the plot is absorbing, never boring, and the moments of humour are very adult and speak to a level of intelligence that most popular fiction aims below.


Mad and unable to forgive, eomen tries to escape her pack to find her place in the human world. I am highly addicted to some Elena and Clay.

Women of the Otherworld

View all 11 comments. In an attempt to break away, she moves to Toronto to lead a normal life. They were stronger than the average human, able to run harder longer, bench press more and do more pushups. And frankly, I loved it!! Otherworkd found a nice mellow man and is trying to pretend that she is a nice mellow woman.

Towards the end, I felt sorry for Phillip.

How will he make to get Elena’s wommen back after what he did to her? Oh and it’s completely not cheating on her boyfriend, Philip, when she sleeps with this asshole because, hey, he’s different.

More than Edward and Peeta. Elena Michaels is an orphan with a horrible past of foster families and abusive foster fathers since her parents died in a car accident when she was little. As othersorld assemble, the werewolves enjoy a delicious breakfast of pancakes and ham. And then, whenever Clay tries to get serious about her and him getting back together, she completely shuts him out and shouts at him for no reason and doesn’tlisten to a word he says.

For example, thanks to Twilight, I am completely Team Vampire and I’m terribly ashamed at having brought Twilight up, trust me so anything Werewolf-ish automatically sets off some inner resentment. Or to be more accurate I should say: Then we have the dialogue: I made some excuse for not going inside and circled back to Clay.


Bitten (Women of the Otherworld, #1) by Kelley Armstrong – Risingshadow

Broken by Kelley Armstrong. His gaze lingered on Clay. Philip was as thoughtful as ever.

Although he’d forbidden phone calls, that didn’t mean we were out of touch. I’ll up my rating to 2.

othherworld Most have died and the hereditary wolves can only be male. Knowing this book was about werewolves just made me go ‘blegh! Spell Bound by Kelley Armstrong. The writing wasn’t mediocre, but the story it portrayed was horrible.

Penso che mi sia venuta una paresi al otherwogld a forza di trovare posizioni strane pur di non addormentarmi!! Or will she leran by the hard way Jaime was right?