Evergreen shrub, ft ( m), dense branches with “lethal” three-parted spines. Leaves alternate but often 5 per node, narrow, cm long x cm wide. Find help & information on Berberis julianae wintergreen barberry from the RHS. Buy Berberis Evergreen julianae Hedge (Berberis julianae) in a huge range of sizes.

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More drought tolerant than other Rudbeckias, fulgida var. Flowering Time A plants development is synchronised with the changing seasons and flowering is one of several changes that occur at the appropriate time of year dependent on the specific plant.

Appear as description and healthy Review submitted by a Best4hedging customer. Semi-evergreen There are exceptions, some plant drop their leaves in cold winters but keep them if it is mild. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Track my order s.

Hebe x franciscana ‘Variegata’ syn ‘Silver Rhododendron Dwarf ‘Drake’s Mountain’ Shrubs in the ground are generally not demanding and in most cases, annual feeding with general purpose fertilizer will suffice. Potential Issues Although shrubs are usually very robust garden plants, they can sometimes start to decline with no apparent or obvious reason.

Bare root plants are difficult to assess, but these look green and healthy Review submitted by a Best4hedging customer. This is a reliable, eye-catching Barberry with small, spiky, dark green leaves and pendant, golden-yellow flowers which are borne in great profusion Eventual Spread You can expect the plant to spread somewhere within this range estimate.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. It bears clusters of yellow flowers in late spring which are sometimes red-tinged at the edges.


Berberis julianae

Retrieved from ” https: Neutral A neutral pH which is around 7, will be suitable for most plants. We cannot edit which comments appear and which do not, bsrberis the following reviews offer a true representation of our customers experience and we are very proud of our huge number of Excellent reviews. Review submitted by a Best4hedging customer.

Eventual Height You can expect the plant to somewhere within this estimate. Well Drained Well-drained soil allows water to percolate through reasonably quickly without pooling. This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat Well drained soil can often be dry and lack nutrients.

Westland Bonemeal is a natural, slow release, organic plant food that is ideal for trees and shrubs.

Berberis julianae

Sand Sandy soils have a low clay content, drain quickly, easy to cultivate and work. All shrubs benefit from dead-heading once spent flowers become apparent. Blackthorn hedge plants Hawthorn hedge plants Berberis thunbergii atropurpurea Berberis thunbergii hedge plants.

This article needs additional citations for verification.

They can however lose leaves sporadically throughout the year. Colour can be affected by a number of factors including environment and diet. Some plants such a Beech retain their dead leaves until mulianae new spring growth. We pride ourselves on offering a huge range of garden plants at very competitive prices. Make sure you loosen the soil prior to planting.

Are you buying a gift for a loved one?

Berberis julianae (2/3L)

If so, then why not add a personal message to your purchase. We ask all customers to provide their opinion to an independent feedback company. Another cause of leaf browning is a high salt content in the soil.

Giant, daisy-like orangey-pink flowers with dark brown centres appear on top of julinae, strong julianas, providing colour and interest to your borders Simply enter your message in the box above and What does this mean? At certain times of the year our shrubs you buy from us may not look like the images shown on our website when deciduous leaves have fallen, the shrub has finished flowering or has been trimmed back.


This is a dense, strong growing, evergreen shrub which creates an excellent, impenetrable hedge bearing very long thorns and spiny margins to the leaves.

Berberis julianae – Wikipedia

Shrubs can be mulched in late winter, after fertiliser has been applied, but it can be mulched through autumn to late spring as long as the ground is damp. This could be a natural occurrence, especially if you live near the ocean, or it could be from over fertilisation.

Excellent Review submitted by a Best4hedging customer. Evergreen Plants that have leaves all year round are classified as evergreen.

Berberis julianae grows to a height of 3 metres, berberiz a dense bush with spiny obovate leaves, suitable for hedging. Buying Shrubs from Jacksons Nurseries.

They drain slowly and take longer to warm up in spring. Use the photographs as a guide but expect variations.

This Ranunculales article is a stub. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Most commonly this is where plants with variegated leaves jullanae pure green growths instead of variegated ones. Orders Track my order s Registered Users Only, please log in first. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.