Fused Cast AZS block is also called electro Zircon corundum block, which is abbreviated as AZS because it contains Al2O3-ZrO2-SiO2. Alumina-zirconia-silica (AZS) fused-cast refractories began to increase in popularity in glass furnace applications for the glass contact and. fused Cast AZS refractories are the most widely used materials both in glass contact and superstructure of glass melting products are made of.

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The silica may be provided by fumed silica, mullite aluminum silicatemicrosilica, colloidal silica, or the like. The first set of components may be mixed prior to the addition of the colloidal silica binder. Javascript must be enabled for narrowing. Refractory materials that include cement tend to be difficult to dry when setting, especially at lower temperatures. The refractory composition may be formed on the wear portion using one or more refractory azx methods such as casting, pumping, or shotcreting formless pumping with a setting accelerant.

In refractlry following passages, different aspects of the invention are defined in more detail. Montreal, Canadaand other conventional suppliers. Fused-cast-alumina-zirconia-silica refractory, methods of making it and glass melting furnace employing it. The first set of components also may include a flow modifier to enhance or alter the flow properties for forming the colloidal silica refractory prior to setting.

The wear spots typically grow until the refractory fails to hold the molten glass. The refractory composition is formed on the surface of a furnace. Each aspect so defined may be combined with any other aspect or aspects unless clearly indicated to the contrary.


Properties and applications of fused cast AZS

During the melting operation, the cullet melts first to increase the heat transfer to the batch materials and to reduce the melting time.

Cullet is crushed glass from the manufacturing process. The first set of components may contain no silica. Refractoriness under Load T0. Therefore, selected key parts refracrory the glass furnace, so that these parts of the life and the other part of the lower scale.

USA1 – AZS refractory composition – Google Patents

Refractory compositions containing monoclinic zirconia and articles formed from these compositions exhibiting improved mechanical strength at high temperatures and improved resistance to thermal shocks. The various components are available from AluChem, Inc.

In another aspect, a method of preparing a refractory includes providing a first set of components and a colloidal silica binder. The pencil prepared from the formula of Comparative Example A lost an average of Fused AZS particles consist of particles each comprising alumina, zirconia, and silica.

Molten glass is highly corrosive. Year of fee payment: Hollow piece for producing a sintered refractory product exhibiting improved bubbling behaviour. High temperature resistant, highly loadable, fine ceramic, sintered construction material, process for its production, and a component made of a ceramic material.

It also contains a more uniform distribution of zirconia crystals, in zirconia corundum brick system, its corrosion resistance is the best. We can produce AZS brick according to your specification or requirements. The first set of components may include other compounds such as a setting agent.

The particle size of the refractory material allows for a multi-functional material which can be easy shotcreted, pumped or cast. The AZS refractory blocks are made from molten material cast into molds, which are machined after hardening. Unwrought refractory composition, in particular for producing glass furnace hearths. The refractory composition of claim 17 wherein the refractory composition does not include an effective amount of a hydraulic cement.


Silicon carbide crusting resistant pouring material and preparation method thereof. Thin pencils of the refractory compositions of Example 1 and Comparative Example A were prepared. The median particle size of the first set of components may be greater than 40 microns.

The method of claim 21 wherein the refractory composition does not azd an effective amount of a hydraulic cement. The refractory blocks usually are made of composite clays having alumina, zirconia, and silica AZS.

The pencil prepared from the formula of Azz 1 lost only an average of EP EPB1 en Thus, the refractory of Example 1 had a higher amount of zirconia than the refractory of the Comparative Example.

The refractory composition may be formed on one or more portions of the sidewall or hearth. The colloidal silica refractory provides surprisingly good resistance to high temperature corrosive environments. The furnace is also used to heat up billets extruded the brass into the right form and size.

The refractory composition may be cast into blocks for subsequent use in a glass tank or other furnace, or may be formed directly onto the wear portion of a glass tank or other furnace.

A refractory composition comprising: So suitable for glass liquid velocity faster or high temperature region.