Autobiography of a Jnani now available for free download in both English and French, thanks to Gerald Dean. Autobiography of a Jnani Autobiography of a Jnani. AOAJ records the story of Rajivji’s nondual awakening with teacher Ed Muzika. The book offers rare descriptions of deep spiritual. Autobiography of a Jnani. ١ يوليو ٢٠١٠ ، الساعة ٤:٣٣ ص . eBook @ $ A new book is available for download. It is the complete edited dialogues between Ed.

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The void, Me, my body which 85 was perceived as consciousness, were sinking at solid velocity in my navel area. But then something held me back. He got me initiated in higher kriyas including kechari mudra.

Autobiography of a Jnani

It is only an illusion. WOW Yes, the emotions in terms of questions like: The witness or subject can witness both at the same time, though the thought is powerless, is no more loud, it is mild, barely recognizable most of the time, but it still exists nonetheless.

It is still a kind of seeking, wanting to repeat an earlier experience.

The oneness or I amness, which I experienced during dhyaan and most times, would keep the thoughts away. Eventually the sinking will be instantaneous and complete revealing a very different reality. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


Even the waking state these past two days have been just normal. Much Love to him, Rajiv. Return to Book Page. This knowledge of his real nature destroyed in him for ever the jnami of identification with the physical body – the feeling of being an individual person, a separate conscious entity confined within the limits of a particular time and place. I do not recommend this AWA unless you cannot isolate that sense of presence, or I Amness, because that I Am sense, if acquired, provides a wide road qutobiography follow inward.

There was no body. By die, I mean you see through it, that it is unreal and has nothing to do with you.

As you rightly say it is still unfinished business. It is a continuation of your love of and for consciousness which has brought you as far as you have come.

Most were either unconsciously identifying with them or running away from them. Generally after a little practice, the darkness gives way to a sense of light, generally purple or green. While jnqni dhyaan, witnessing the void ahead of me I sometimes see a dot of light, which on concentrating disappears. Don’t try to figure this one out. Amness is gone but the I is still there. I have high hopes for your eventual understanding.


I usually try and avoid it but it is very irritating.

Since long I am only at the consciousness level exploring astral or subtle autobiogrpahy. If you are going to be a teacher, you need to express yourself clearly for others to easily understand. When you are free you can identify with anything you want, whether it be the body, the ego, Consciousness, the world, the Void or the Absolute.

A thought does come but I am very watchful. The ego is a strange thing.

Self-Knowledge and Self-Realization

All of them were crying and yelling and shouting. So too, it might convince many neo Advaitins with their spiritual curiosity piqued by neo Adavita teachers, that awakening required a depth of self-inquiry they were not used to, and at the same time, provide a road with landmarks.

Sir I met two kinds of Yogis: That is, the inner subjective lighted voidness is seen as the same as the external lighted spaciousness that is the world of objects.