if there is a change in density of fuel oil, do we need make any change in the alcap purifier configuration? (as in the earlier ones were we had to. Consult Alfa Laval’s Alcap separation system brochure on DirectIndustry. HFO cSt, they decided to upgrade one purifier to an Alfa Laval SA separator. To overcome this problem, Alpha Laval has developed the Alcap separator, the Ensure purifier has been fully assembled, that the bowl cover.

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Lifelong Obsession with all things Nerdy. Viscosity of the oil: However, after two full years of operation, the father-and-son team decided to explore the possibilities of further increasing fuel cost savings. Reply can i ask how thus the flow control disc work Reply But the importance and use of pairing tube and difference between the impeller of Mitsubishi and pairing tube of Alfa laval was missing.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The transducer in the discharge line will detect this and if this occurs after the minimum sludge cycle time, a sludge cycle will be initiated; if the water is detected before the minimum sludge cycle time, then water discharge valve will open.

Open the catalog to page 4. The company provides highly specialized professional engineering services to the marine and offshore industries assisting during execution of complex projects. ViscoLine Monotube Unit The total losses of sludge, apcap and water during the discharge puirfier are considerably less than other separator models due to bowl design, size, longer discharge intervals and accurate controls.


Water from the Hydrophore or in some cases, Header tanks are used. This does not require any change with sg of F. Alarm functions are also provided for errors involving the EPC60 unit. What are the 3 types of water in a purifier I know there are operating water and bowl water but I know there is one more type, but dont know what they do in the system!

The EPC60 unit provides alarm functions for low oil pressure, high intermediate tank level, and power failure. Should be as slow as possible to maintain fuel demand. To overcome this problem, Alpha Laval has developed the Alcap separator, the principle of which is illustrated. The sludge removal kit takes care of the sludge by pumping automatically to the main sludge tank. In case of vibration or excessive current shut down immediately and investigate.

SA separation system The SA Separation Ancillaries separation system is the most compact self-cleaning centrifugal separation system from Alfa Laval.

Fuel Oil Systems – Heavy oil separation control & Fuel Tanks guideline

The system is operated automatically by the EPC60 control unit, except for starting the separator. Water is accumulated like sludge. Open the catalog to page 2. They cause abrasive wear in fuel pumps, injectors, liners and piston rings.

Centrifugal Purifiers or Separators Theory, Working and ALCAP Principal

Start the purifier watching the ammeter which should fallback as the purifier speed increases. The water transducer supplies information about process conditions in the cleaned oil outlet to the EPC 50 unit. The bowl opens and closes very rapidly and oil loss is minimal.

Other factors that assist separation are: Water is admitted into the bowl to soften the sludge and displace the oil in the bowl. Thus this creates a hindrance to its operating efficiency. Special text messages indicate process parameters and alarms on the LCD display. But the importance and use of pairing tube and difference between the impeller of Mitsubishi and pairing tube of Alfa laval was missing. A patented paring tube adapts itself to remove the water from the bowl and a paring disc pumps away the cleaned oil.


Open operating water and set bowl operating water to close. State how the problem of catalytic fines in fuel oil may be dealt with. The feed regulating valve to the purifier should alxap set to zero.

Hi this is Arnav Bhattacharya. The sludge accumulated in the sludge space in both a purifier and a clarifier is intermittently discharged. Depending on the actual process conditions, the EPC 50 process controller selects the operating mode. Change discharge from settling to service tank, and adjust feed rate to match engine consumption. The sludge is discharged to a small intermediate sludge tank.

Open feed regulator to purifier and shut recirc valve. However, how to adjust the throughput reducing the flow for better quality lacap oil should be explained. The purifier pump suction should be closed, the pump discharge valve open to the heaters, and the recirc valve open back to the purifier suction.

Continue to recirc fuel until purification temperature is reached.

A purifier separates sludge and water from the oil.