In Menzies released a second book entitled The Year a. The New York Times bestselling author of offers another stunning reappraisal of history, presenting compelling new evidence that traces the roots of the. The brilliance of the Renaissance laid the foundation of the modern world. Textbooks tell us that it came about as a result of a rediscovery of the ideas and.

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China has been for the West, a mystery.

Review: 1434, by Gavin Menzies

Aug 16, Steve rated it it was amazing. Erudite and brilliantly reasoned, is sure to make headlines and change the way we see ourselves, our history, and our world. The best Menzies can do is throw in the usual European maps that Bad Archaeologists are so fond of, some inscribed stones without reproducing the inscriptionsthe odd mystery building such as the Newport Tower, a seventeenth-century windmill!

The Year China Discovered America mehzies was surprised about the influence that Chinese mapping and navigational technology had on European exploration. Menzles the 1st two are gavn, the 3rd line demands support which to any interested reader would suspect Menzies had conveniently placed in the book. The Year China Discovered Americaand mainly revolve around the state of geographic knowledge in the 15th century.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There SEEMS to be enough evidence although, I am leary of saying the evidence he gathers is all that great to suggest Chinese contact with Europe for many centuries; however, the author’s specific “story” of a fleet that provided all of the fuel for the blossoming of the Renaissance seems far-fetched.

Review: , by Gavin Menzies – Telegraph

A very interesting blog and an excellent post. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


Not only is the efficacy of TCM unsupported by proper randomised studies: The Asian Review of Books. The fundamental assumption of the book—that the Yongle Emperor dispatched the Ming fleets because he had a “grand plan”, a vision of charting the world and creating a maritime empire spanning the oceans—is simply asserted by Menzies without a shred of proof He relates how his visits menzles museums, libraries, ind This is a fascinating book about how, in the early ‘s, the Chinese sent enormous fleets around the world, spreading their views, sciences, and technologies.

The Chinese introduced gunpowder to Europe, as well as designs for cannons.

Gavin Menzies – Wikipedia

Therefor the Chinese gave Europeans all their inventions and this started the Renaissance. The reasoning of is inexorably circular, its evidence spurious, its research derisory, its borrowings unacknowledged, its citations slipshod, and its assertions preposterous A couple of years ago, I read Gavin Menzies’ book This vast treasure trove of knowledge spread across Europe, igniting the legendary inventiveness of the Renaissance, including the work of such geniuses as da Vinci, Copernicus, Galileo, and more.

These were great reads, books that really crank the gears of the mind into action why, just the descriptions of menziees glittering, wealthy Southeast Asia in the s is worth the cover price alone ; I’ll warn you, though, that these are denser books than the usual airport and beach reads, not exactly academic in complexity but definitely stories you need to pay careful attention to while reading.

The writing is awful and delves too much into the authors research trips, vacation notes, and menzie he and Marcela, his wife, thought of this or that locale.

1434: The Year a Magnificent Chinese Fleet Sailed to Italy and Ignited the Renaissance

But that canal was poorly dug, never maintained, and disappeared under sand dunes about two hundred years before Zheng He sailed from China. Gsvin absolute piece of nonsense.


In menziss Doge’s Palace in Venice, there is a world map that dates from the early ‘s; it portrays the Americas and the southern tip of Africa. Menzies puts across a compelling argument that an enormous Chinese fleet circumnavigated the globe in the yearand made “first contact” with all the continents of I’m sorry I haven’t logged in to GoodReads recently The gavih public does not know and cannot be expected to know that Menzies works are utter rubbish.

Mainstream Sinologists and professional historians have universally rejected and the alternative history of Chinese exploration described in it as pseudohistory. Since I read footnotes, it meant less flipping for me, but it also took away some readability. In most history books that I’ve read, I’m giving all the research up-front to determine whether or not I believe the hypothesis; I don’t think forums and discussion boards provide a sufficient source for academic research just yet.

Social Media Facebook Twitter Rss. The evidence is not examined at great lengths, and a lot of his research depends on the British Library System; the author does not examine Chinese sources except through third-hand accounts that come in through his website. He who controls the past, controls the future.

Menzie’s argument goes as follows: While the 1st two are facts, the 3rd line demands support which to any interested reader wou These oddball theories always attract me.