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Development of abilities for problem solving includes the partnersto achieve four important steps: The following integrqtiva involves positive emotions shrouding thecouple relationship, each partner expecting a life filled with pleasure andunlimited involvement in the everyday functioning of the person they havechosen. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

elemente de psihoterapie integrativa dafinoiu pdf to excel – PDF Files

Cohen 1 PA – psihoterapiee 0,31 Low2 NO — intrusive 0,60 High3 LM — overly-nurturing 0,68 High4 JK – exploitable 0,53 Average5 HI — non-assertive 0,95 extremely high6 FG — socially avoidant 0,35 Low7 DE — cold 0,51 Average8 BC — vindictive 0,41 Low Mean differences between scales, before and affter the integrativetherapeutic training process are also supported by the value of effect coefficient,that shows high intensity in the relation between the independent variable therapy training process and the dependent variable quality of interpersonal www.

In France, the alcoholic can be influenced only when his antisocialreactions or delirium cause his hospitalization, or when a judicial sentencingleads him to prison for a while.

In a subtle way, she wants topunish Ciprian S. Overall, the studies that psioterapie the impact of this type of interventionrealized alone or in combination with other interventions of skill training revealedthat, although it does not prevent the occurring of first consumption episode, cueexposure reduces the severity of consumption integrattiva with produced relapse Cadden, Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Charmya Charmya added it Jan 14, Gender, age, and cultural differences in the defense style questionnaire Relying on the therapeutic conceptualization processthe psychotherapistand the couple can build together an intervention plan for reducing distress andoptimization of the functionality in the couple. These programs have in communthe following two aspects: Thus, unlike cue exposure that triesto activate on antecedents of substance consumption, the management ofcontingents act on the consequences of drinking.


The interpersonal circumplex as a nomological net. Reliability, validity, and applicability to interpersonal problems and personality disorders.

Elemente de psihoterapie integrativă

The defense mechanisms specified: In psychotherapy, in addition to this technique, of analysis of defense, canbe used complementary in groups of psychodynamic psychotherapy othertechniques as well, such as: Alina Elenescu added it Apr 18, Traitsthat are assigned to individuals change according to events, adopted behaviors,interpersonal relationships or the group that they belong to.

The studies that evaluated this intervention as unique treatmentdid not produce positive results Shand, Read the Text Version. Incontrast, assertive behavior implies the existence of high self-esteem and moresatisfying interpersonal relationships. Anger and the use of defense mechanism in college students. Through psihotetapie, personal expectations have been analyzed, www.

In our case, this goal has been one of an evaluative nature and through itwe could note the efficacy of the integrative psychotherapeutic strategy used inself-development. Integrative psychotherapy for developing assertivity in subjects so that theywould: Treatment problems and connected to consumption and abuseof alcohol is efficient, but some aspects remain to be clarified integratiav well as elementsof efficiency.

Ion Dafinoiu Elemente de psihoterapie integrativa | Georgiana Constantin –

It is known that some psychiatric hospitals hadand have sections for alcoholics, elmeente the subjects who were here, were in general,very degraded. Also, the femaleclient has been encouraged to practice exercises of sexual auto-stimulation inorder to discover her own sexuality. Defense itnegrativa and personality in depression. Jurnalul Roman de Psihoterapie Integrativa nr. Aftermaking the appointment through telephone, both partners of the couple haveparticipated at the first session.

The IIP circumplexscales may provide a useful research and diagnostic instrument for understandinginterpersonal behavior. If a change that may have therapeutic nuances is being pursuitedregarding dysfunctional interpersonal expectations, they may help peopleovercome in a healthy way builded patterns, or even better said, interpersonaldysfunctional problems. Participation in the self-development programme in the framework ofintegrative group psychotherapy determines the optimization of interpersonalrelationships.

Couple psychotherapy involves a working process that may be extremelycomplex, demanding, but implicitly filled with satisfactions, for both the coupleand the psychotherapist.

Cristina Teodorescu marked it as to-read Jan 09, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Thistreatment is addressed especially to subjects who wish to escape from their habitsof intoxication, but are incapable to resist the tentation.


The Inventory of Interpersonal Problems Horowitz, Alden, Wiggins,Pincus is a self-assessment questionnaire comprising of 64 items thatmeasure the multitude of interpersonal problems. Nowadays, the importance of thistechnique was demonstrated in mental health, by management of psychologicaldefense mechanisms the intervention psychotherapeutic or medication anddevelopment of mental illness can be optimized, because the understanding of thepathological defenses, immature or with a low adaptive level allow beneficchanges, significant in certain psychopathological conditions Blackman, JS, There were identified the main meta-analysis and articles of synthesisthat show the current state of research of effectiveness and efficiency oftreatments available worldwide in the field of consumption problem of alcohol aswell as a series of studies that marked specific fields of research.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Interpersonal relationships have amajor impact upon the lives of the individuals. Approached as an introjected ability or actually, competency, ifextrapolation is allowed, assertivity represents a gain that is pretty difficult toassimilate. It included the presentation of an efficientcommunication pattern, identification of the elements involved in communication receiver-senderdifferentiating between barriers that worsen communicationand attitudes that give functionality to an efficient discussion.

Theory and clinical aspects. Each behavioral prescription isconceptualized in terms of relevance, motivation, efficacy, applicability andcomprehension. Construct validity of interpersonal personality measures: The main goal of the psychotherapeutic strategy has been developingabilities in order to build and participate in interpersonal relationships so that theywould become functional.

For the intervention at the first level, knowledge gained at the beginning ofthe therapy has been reactivated, and they were supported by the identification ofneeds and desires in the present, meaning conceptualizing the self-image of eachpartner man, woman. The data indicated that the IIP circumplex scales displayed adequateinternal consistency and were stable in content pxihoterapie structure.

In this sense we build andapply the therapeutic strategy for the optimization of interpersonal relationshipsso that the participants in the training process to gain the required competencies. For comparative analysis, data allow the following findings: