Cat®. HF with HydraCrowd™. ELECTRIC ROPE SHOVEL. Specifications. Dimensions. Dipper payload (Available dipper payloads up to tonnes [ Electric rope shovels have been successfully removing overburden and ore on mine sites around the world for more than a century. Driven by a vision to make. HF Electric Rope Shovel. Electric rope shovels have been successfully removing overburden and ore on mine sites around the world for more than a.

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A single, centralized control rack reduces parts requirements, eliminates communication issues between racks, and simplifies maintenance A single, compact drive cabinet houses the controller and drives to simplify assembly, troubleshooting, and maintenance Fuses, circuit breakers, and line filters have been eliminated reducing potential points of failure and overall parts requirements Parallel inverters have been removed to prevent uneven loading and to reduce the number of inverters required by the system The IGBT modules have been designed to be interchangeable between inverters and Active Front Ends AFEs and between motions and machines A Safer System Your safety remains our highest priority, and is evident in our AC system design.

Revolving Frame Center Section – Welded, impact-resistant steel: A planetary gearbox with dual-output pinions provides the hoist torque transfer from the electric motor to the hoist drum gear. Reduced number of maintenance events afforded by HydraCrowd and the LatchFree Dipper System Easier maintenance and reduced fall hazard with deck-mounted front-end machinery. Please fix the errors below to continue. High impact ropes available as an option High impact ropes available as an option.

Custom cabinets designed to eliminate rattling Heavy-duty refrigerator built to withstand shovel vibrations High efficiency, adjustable LED lights optimize visibility.

They are designed for 3- or 4-pass loading of ultra-class mining trucks. Optional Technology Solutions — AccuLoad Improve productivity with real-time dipper load feedback directly to operators.


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Maximum dumping radius Components One piece, forged, seamless tubular dipper handle and wide-spread boom point sheaves equipped with hoist ropes and dipper padlocks to stabilize dipper handle.

Ground bearing pressure is dependent upon many factors Ground bearing pressure is dependent upon many factors. Dual-output pinion shafts from each gearbox engage the 795 rack. HydraCrowd extends maintenance intervals and improves your overall productivity with a patented innovative design that replaces crowd and retract ropes with a hydraulic cylinder.


7495 HF with HydraCrowd

Operator’s Cab See more Comfort Infused, State-of-the-art Operator’s Cab and Station Providing more comfort, added safety, and greater reliability, our newly designed state-of-the-art operator’s cab will help you produce more. Meeting the needs of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow is the goal for all Cat machinery. Helping you achieve your goals for enhanced mine site safety, improved efficiency, reduced operating costs, and greater profitability, Cat MineStar provides the most comprehensive suite caf mining technology products in the industry.

Photo Videos View. Ccat Rebuild and Remanufactured options.

Cat | HF Electric Rope Shovel | Caterpillar

It comes complete with a comprehensive training program to ensure customers achieve maximum system benefits. Outdoors Outdoor power equipment in Indiana from top brands.

Ground bearing pressure is dependent upon many factors Ground bearing pressure is dependent upon many factors. The electrical energy that is generated is then fed back to the grid.

It consists of a number of configurable capability sets — Fleet, Terrain, Detect, Health, and Command — that allow you to scale the system to your mine site needs. Easy-to-read, intuitive display screens. Improved Performance Increase productivity, and your bottom line, with our comfort-infused cab.

Achieve maximum component life with our swing system design that ensures reduced and even swing rack wear. External fast fill from lower level External fast fill from 795 level. The high voltage DC bus is located in the back of the drive cabinet and is never exposed during maintenance or troubleshooting The centralized control rack keeps maintenance personnel away from high voltage components when troubleshooting the controller Shielding blocks induced currents eliminating the need for high frequency bonding.


Improves productivity by allowing operator to monitor load and shift performance Reduces machine and truck overloading. Length of boom Improve productivity with real-time dipper load feedback directly to operators. The Caterpillar off-grid power supply technology stores regenerative energy created during swing deceleration and bucket lowering, and the system uses that power during periods of high hhf to reduce the generator load cycle.

7495 HF Electric Rope Shovel

Dual doors permit quick, easy entry and exit from the right side or the rear of machine. State-of-the-art, ergonomic operator’s seat maximizes operator comfort and productivity Cay positioned trainer seat provides optimal view of working face, facilitates communication during training, and provides ready access to the trainer emergency stop button Elevated observer’s work station, positioned behind 7945 operator seat, provides space for laptop and optimum visibility of operator station and digging environment.

A streamlined AC system design that runs smoother, has fewer parts, and is easier to maintain, are the benefits you will realize, and the result of three decades of continuous improvement.

From the time you select a piece of Cat equipment until the day you trade or sell it, the support you get from your Cat dealer makes the difference. Other voltage options available to suit customer requirements Other voltage options available to suit customer requirements.