About this manual. This manual describes the operation of the ÄKTA™FPLC™ system. System description, system maintenance and trouble-shooting are also. filter. Sample pump. Buffer select valve (V6). Injection valve (V1). Reverse . Manual. Flowpath. B1 or B2. BufferValveB. Pump A. Pump B. Common inlet. A2. A1. About this manual This manual describes the operation of ÄKTA purifier: Evaluating the UV response Calculate the UV response ratios in the following.

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The run will start. It can be used at gradient volumes down to 5 ml binary gradients. Unstable conductivity curve 7.


Do not maual the ventilation inlet on the front panels and the outlets on the rear of the instrument! The differences are few and indicated with divergent typeface. A manual evaluation is required. Please contact an authorized representative of the manufacturer for information concerning the decommissioning of your equipment.

Make sure that all tubing and all flow paths used are rinsed. If tubing with too large inner diameter is used, the peaks will become broader than necessary. Recommended minimum gradient volume Mixing chamber volume Binary gradient BufferPrep gradient 0. The rating label is on the left side and identification labels are on the right viewed from the rear. To set the default values, select System: However, if you want to alter the chromatogram layout, this section will teach you the basics of the Evaluation module.


At higher flow rates, the drops will turn to a continuous liquid stream. Check that there is no air left in the inlet tubing. Mannual customize the Run Data pane: It generates a back-pressure of 0.

Refer to the Pump P User Manual. Manaul column cleaning procedures and column storage instructions, please refer to the instruction supplied akya the column.

There can be several causes of an abnormal pressure recording, for example: Tubing Tefzel tubing, i. If the pressure exceeds the pressure limit value given for these columns, an extra system pressure measurement must be performed.

ÄKTApurifier – GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Attach the column holder enclosed in Box above the UV cell. The standard mznual using two separate buffers, one to each pump module, and the BufferPrep technique using four solutions, two to each pump module, generating the buffer on-line with a switch valve before each pump module. The New Method dialog appears.


The options available in the Method Wizard depend on the current system configuration. The mixer function is checked by placing a stirrer bar on top of the mixer housing. BufferPrep compensates for the pKa drift with changed ionic strength and temperature. Click OK to close the Recip Notes dialog. For low-pressure columns, at high flow rates. The fractionation order can be selected as serpentine-row, row-by-row, serpentine-column or column-by-column.

It is divided into two parts, one describing the installation and one describing how to run the installation test.

By observing the piston status indicator in the Check menu together with the pressure trace, the pump cylinder that is functioning abnormally can be identified, see Reference information in the Pump P User Manual. The ionic strength of the start eluent will also be increased. Always use the 0.

This opens a window containing instructions that are printable.