A51 – Assembler Kit The A51 Assembler Kit for the microcontroller family enables you to write assembler programs for practically any derivatives. This Assembler User’s Guide provides an overview of the Keil A51 and AX51 Assemblers. It contains the following chapters. Introduction provides a brief. The CA51 Compiler Kit for the microcontroller family supports all derivatives including classic devices and IP cores from companies like Analog.

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It translates symbolic assembler language mnemonics into executable machine code. Products Download Events Support Videos. Software support for the external bank switching hardware includes a short assembly file you can edit for your specific hardware platform.

These directives are useful when using indirectly called functions asssmbler when disabling overlaying for debugging.

D. Assembler Differences

The editor and debugger are integrated into a single application and provide a seamless embedded project development environment.

The linker resolves external and public references and assigns absolute addresses to relocatable programs segments. Enter keywords asssmbler find the product you are looking for in the Quick Find field above or use Advanced Search. This process is known as bank switching.

The memory map 3 contains the usage of the physical memory. MPL has several predefined macro processor functions that perform many useful operations like string manipulation or number processing. Error messages and warning messages are included in the listing file.

Important information This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. The code in the common area is either duplicated in each bank if the entire program area is swapped or can be located in a separate area or EPROM if the common a511 is not swapped. A51 produces a listing file with line numbers as well as the time and date of the translation. The overlay-map displays the structure of the program and the location of the bit and data segments of each function.


It translates assemblre assembly language mnemonics into relocatable object code where the s51 speed, small code size, and hardware control are critical. Notify me of updates to Assembler Keil. However, it is easy for you to specify custom settings for your application. By carefully grouping functions in the different banks, you can create very large, efficient applications.

The A51 assembler translates assembler source files into a relocatable object modules. Warning messages and error messages are listed at the end of the MAP file. In addition to object files, the A51 assembler assemblef list files which may optionally include symbol table and cross reference information.

Ax51 User’s Guide: D. Assembler Differences

The common area cannot be physically. Information about assembler invocation and the object file generated is printed. The macro facility speeds development and conserves maintenance time since common sequences need only be developed once. Important information This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. It supports all derivatives.

The standard macro syntax is compatible with that used in many other assemblers. The A51 Assembler assdmbler you to define each instruction in an program and is used where utmost speed, small code size, and exact hardware control is essential. It is an endless.

This allows exact display of program. BL51 produces a MAP file extension.


The A51 assembler asxembler symbolic access to all features of the architecture. The macro facility speeds development and conserves maintenance time since common sequences need a511 be developed once. The common area in a bank switching program is an area of memory that can be 3 accessed at all times from all banks.

The hardware that a511 this must be controlled by software running on the These object modules must adhere to the OMF51 object module specification. Please review our Privacy Policy to learn more about our collection, use and transfers of your data. BL51 displays the invocation line and the memory model. It supports all derivatives. Customers who purchased this product also bought:. It also allows you to generate different applications from one assembly source file.

Control Statements permit you to define symbol values, reserve and initialize storage, and control the placement of your code. The A51 Assembler is a macro assembler for the microcontroller family. Write a review on this product! Conditional assembly of sections of code can help you achieve the most compact code possible.

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A51 Macro Assembler

It contains the following chapters. You can dramatically improve system performance by grouping interdependent functions in the same bank. By continuing to use our site, you consent to our cookies.